My Work is my baby. It is a mental, physical, and spiritual fitness blog dedicated to sharing my experience with cardiovascular exercise and strength training, hatha yoga practice, healthy cooking, meditation and stress relief, integral transformative practice and much more through print articles and independently produced video content. This site is also the worldwide web companion to my new book, The Brickhouse Bodymind Blueprint: Sustaining integral fitness through the transformation of mind, body, and spirit, due to be published sometime later this year.

Philip's day job as a videographer for Arkansas Children's Hospital.

My name is Philip Walter, and I am a video producer and new media integration specialist living in Little Rock, AR. I pay the bulk of my bills as a Videographer/Editor/Animator for Arkansas Children’s Hospital, though my real passion lies in my freelance work.

Last year, my company BOX Media produced a DVD with Matt and Holly Krepps, owners of Barefoot Studio in Little Rock, called Lengthing and Broadening: A Yoga Method. We also helped John Lovett, a journalist and filmmaker from Hot Springs, produce a short film about home brewers of beer called Brew Day.

Philip teaches a class at a yoga retreat.

More recently, I have studied hard to become an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. In July I also added a Level 1 Prasara Yoga Certification to my resume.  I am currently working with several private clients locally to help them transform their lives … and help me refine the content of my book. Eventually I hope to add massage therapy and general bodywork to my skill set.

I believe personal transformation must be integral (including body, mind, and spirit) if it is to be complete and sustainable. To this end I am in the final stages of writing my first nonfiction book called The Brickhouse Bodymind Blueprint: Sustaining integral fitness through the transformation of mind, body, and spirit. It is equal parts exercise manual, cookbook, and spiritual guide. This website is a way for me to continue working with the ideas in that book and make them interactive in order to increase their efficacy. The mission of this site is to foster conversation that helps you transform your body and mind to unleash the full potential of your spirit.

Please have a look around, and if you’ve got something on your mind, comment on the blog or e-mail me at philip at brickhousebodymind dot com.

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