The Realization

For much of my adult life I have felt more like a fox than a hedgehog. The fox does a lot of things fairly well – knows a bit about a bunch, if you will – while the hedgehog does one thing perfectly. I used to think this added up to a lot of mediocrity in my life … like it made me very average, and I began to think I would never have much of anything to show for a lot of meddling about in too many places.

I learned about yoga and meditation. I considered training for some triathlons. I dabbled in massage therapy and bodywork. Taught myself to play guitar. And I spent five years working on a novel that, in spite of the fact that I did finish it, never amounted to anything but an interesting diversion for my family and close friends.

After the first round of rejection letters (nearly 30 in all) came in from publishers and literary agents all over the United States and Europe, I just felt empty. The novel had been such a huge part of my life for so long, and in so many ways it represented my dreams for the future. When it was gone, and no one else really cared, I wasn’t sure what to do.

Then it happened – I took a deep breath, I looked around, and I realized it was no big deal. I thought for sure I was going to suffocate if that novel didn’t make me a huge success, but there I was, to my surprise,¬†breathing just fine. I realized I still had great love and passion in my life, and much I wanted to do. My fear of never doing anything great turned into a fierce drive to simply do whatever it was I wanted.

This blog is the current culmination of that drive. It is a manifestation of personal freedom and my great defiance against settling for hedgehog-dom.

I believe a person can have it all. I believe a person can be multi-dimensional, and be great at it. I believe happiness, love, strength, and power are available to us all in a very real way. This blog is my attempt to help others find what I have, in the form of physical fitness, mental acuity, spiritual serenity, and personal empowerment.


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