BrickhouseBodymind TV Episode 4 – Spinal Rock ‘n’ Roll (developing the best flat-tummy exercise of all)

Written by Philip Walter on May 29 at 5:29 am in bodyweight, itBODYnature, video

Best Flat-Tummy Exercises Ever - Spinal Rock Tips.

Image coutesy of Becca Davis

Just in time for summer, one of the best flat-tummy core exercises I know – the spinal rock. In this episode I explain some tips for getting better results from the killer ab exercise, the spinal rock.

Special thanks go to Becca Davis for the production photos, Robert for his camera work, Signal Path for the intro music, and as always my wife for allowing me to spend time on this exhilarating diversion. Please let me know how you like the video content by commenting below, and don’t forget to subscribe via e-mail or rss so you don’t miss the next great recipe, article or video on integrating mind and body fitness.


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