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Maximizing Your Human Heritage – 10 Ways to Improve the Performance of your Human Body with Evolutionary Fitness

Written by Philip Walter on Jun 30 at 9:22 pm.

I recently came across Arthur DeVany’s blog, where he actively discusses his Evolutionary Fitness protocol. Art’s a 70 year-old guy who is in fantastic shape, weighing about 200 pounds at about 10% bodyfat. He’s really a picture of what any of us would want to look and feel like at his age. He’s been active for a very long time and is extremely smart. Over the years, his philosophy toward physical fitness has come to be informed greatly by the evolutionary heritage of the human species.

Now, I believe one of the greatest advantages of living in the 21st Century is our awareness of our own evolution. The baby-boomers are really the first generation to have wide-spread knowledge of the history of human development going back 40,000 years and beyond. The advantages this has to understanding your own personal development are huge, so when I stumbled upon Art’s work, I ate it up.

Keep in mind, I’m not a geneticist or evolutionary biologist, but I have done a fair bit of homework for this article. Even so, I welcome corrections from those who might have a more informed perspective on this subject. My general pattern when I come across an intriguing body of work is to consume as much of it as I can, digest it over a period of time, and spit it back out on this blog. Doing this helps me learn more about the particular system and internalize the core concepts, while making it my own at the same time. This article is my analysis of Art DeVany’s Evolutionary Fitness essay.

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Chakras and Such – The Anatomy of Consciousness

Written by Philip Walter on Dec 8 at 9:09 pm.

The majority of people I know have a skewed concept of what the chakras are. To speak in most public circles about chakras is like going to the deer woods with a presentation on veganism. It’s like this – people in most public circles have heard of chakras, and they think they know enough about them to consider you at least a hair crazy for even mentioning them. Of course, unlike the poor vegan in the deer woods, you’re not likely to be shot, skinned, and skewered for it.

The point is, chakras and the ancient energy system in which they are the mainstay, are widely misunderstood in the West, and I’d like to do my part to set the record straight.

The great sages of ancient India posited that there are three primary sheaths (also called koshas; there are five total, counting the physical, the three subtle, and the bliss) covering the soul:

  1. the physical body – comprised of the various physical systems that allow us to interact with the world
  2. the subtle body – comprised of the intellectual body, the vital body, and the emotional body
  3. the bliss body – the final, most intimate covering over the soul

Though their understanding of the physical body was great, as evidenced by the Ayurvedic health care system, their understanding of the subtle body was even greater. In the modern world, we of course have a ridiculously complex understanding of the various systems of the physical body, but it is in the realm of Spirit that we have much to learn from these ancient geniuses.

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Jala Neti Cleansing to Combat Allergies and Sinusitis

Written by Philip Walter on Dec 3 at 10:25 pm.

It seems inevitable that as the quality of the air we breathe, particularly in big cities, gets worse due to the tragic overuse of motor vehicles and other such problems, the occurrence of allergies and allergic symptoms also gets worse. I can’t keep up with the number of people I know who regularly take Allegra, Singulair, and similar drugs, much less the others who complain of symptoms while treating them with over the counter medications. Is there anything to be done?

Well, if you don’t mind a bit of weirdness (and if you can keep said weirdness from totally weirding out your spouse), there’s an ancient practice modern research has shown can help alleviate allergic symptoms and even chronic sinusitis. I am speaking of the practice of isotonic or hypertonic saline nasal irrigation known to Ayurvedic practitioners as Jala neti (water cleansing).

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