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BrickhouseBodymind Blueprint 001

Written by Philip Walter on Apr 28 at 5:03 pm.

Brickhouse Bodymind Blueprint 001 - Approaching Alignment from the Inside Out

Designed by philip.

Okay, so this is a post announcing the first of what I hope will be many BrickhouseBodymind Blueprints. These are pdf documents and will be of the same nature as my posts here on the blog. The blueprints are printer-friendly, miniature e-books that are aesthetically designed and contain high-quality images where appropriate. They will cover subjects I consider to be core elements of the Brickhouse Bodymind integral fitness lifestyle. I hope these will be more user-friendly to readers than filling a long blog post with a bunch of pictures. We all know what a nightmare those can be to print.

This first one will be freely available at the link below for as long I feel like leaving it there. In the foreseeable future, these blueprints will remain free of charge to those who subscribe to my e-mail feed, so go ahead and jump on board if you like what you read. If you’re subscribed already via a feed reader, I’m going to try and figure a way to make these things available to you as well. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

This blueprint is a detailed discussion of the use of the yogic bandhas to insure proper structural alignment in posture practice, in general exercise, and in life. These techniques are best explored with an instructor to give you immediate feedback, but this document should give you a good idea of what’s happening and why it’s to your advantage to explore these actions in depth. They are obviously part of the yoga tradition – and as such have innumerable applications within the practice of hatha yoga – but their practice and benefits extend far beyond yoga asana. I practice these techniques lying in bed at night to calm my mind and first thing in the morning to loosen up and energize my core. I find they are fantastic tools for building and controlling sexual energy and for increasing sexual longevity. They are great for helping maintain proper alignment while lifting weights in a gym setting as well. The applications really are unlimited.

So, here is the link to BrickhouseBodymindBlueprint001 – Approaching Alignment from the Inside Out. Please comment below if you have any thoughts on the material or how I might improve the presentation. And don’t forget to subscribe today so you’ll have full FREE access to the next blueprint as soon as it comes out!

Prasara Yoga – An Integral Yoga for a Postmodern World

Written by Philip Walter on Apr 8 at 5:36 pm.

Editor’s Note – What follows are my personal impressions and interpretations of Scott Sonnon’s latest book, Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought. My use of the term “integral,” both in the title of this article and throughout the body of it, to describe Coach Sonnon’s work is not meant in any way to confuse it with nor to marginalize Sri Swami Satchidinanda’s Integral Yoga Hatha or Sri Aurobindo’s The Integral Yoga, both of which stand on their own as seminal works. I only mean to indicate how Scott’s approach employs the primary integral strategy (which produces the All-Quadrant integral model described in my article on Integral Fitness) of assimilating truths from all sources available, whether ancient, modern, or somewhere in between, in order to present the most complete picture of human development possible.

Photo courtesy of
the flow academy

I’d like to start by thanking one of my readers, Duff (of and, for turning me on to the work of martial arts champion and Circular Strength Training® developer Scott Sonnon. For a voracious seeker of light like myself, personal development can be charted along a path upon which the most significant twists and turns are tied to landmarks such as the reading of a specific book or the discovery of a specific writer or teacher.

At age 29, my own path has several of these major landmarks – Roshi Philip Kapleau’s The Three Pillar’s of Zen; the wonderful fiction of Tom Robbins, which led me to Alan Watt’s The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are; my first yoga teacher, Matt Krepps, who pointed me toward Godfrey Devereux’s Dynamic Yoga, and the work of Jed McKenna; the fiercely voluminous library of Ken Wilber; and now Scott Sonnon, who has empowered me to take yet another turn in my personal journey.

What Scott Sonnon presents in his latest book, Prasara Yoga: Flow Beyond Thought, is a digitally digestible, postmodern path to enlightenment. With the human body as the vehicle, it is an exquisitely sophisticated, integral approach to Hatha Yoga.

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The Truth About Stretching Part 1 – What you thought you knew, and what you ought to know.

Written by Philip Walter on Mar 18 at 12:44 am.

Photo courtesy of j / f / photos

Okay, I have been reading a lot lately in physical fitness literature about how stretching is not as fantastic for your body as once thought. When I took basic health in college, static stretching was taught as an integral part of a complete physical fitness plan. Not sure what that curriculum looks like today, but a greater understanding of the stretching phenomenon has forced me over the years to rethink how it fits into my workouts.

I know what you’re thinking – But Philip, you do a lot of yoga … and “flexible” is part of your blog’s tag line, for cyrin’ out loud. Surely you’re not about to talk smack about stretching, are you?!

Well, yes I am, but it’s not because all forms of stretching are inherently bad for your body, it’s because the efficacy and proper methodology of stretching are so widely misunderstood, especially when it comes to yoga posture practice.

In Part One of this two-part series, I want to introduce you to the stretch reflex and debunk one of the biggest myths about stretching. I’ll warn you up front, this one does get a little technical, but if you stick with it, I guarantee you’ll be a smarter stretcher for it.

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