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Beyond the Kama Sutra – 11 Ways to Ignite a Fire in Anyone’s Sex Life

Written by Philip Walter on Feb 18 at 1:10 am.

Buddha in the bedroom

Everyone who’s been in a relationship knows that sex can be one of the most special things a couple shares, but it can also be a point of frustration and stagnation. Either way, sexuality is an integral part of sharing yourself with an intimate life partner. Love making strips us down, lays bare all our physical imperfections, and brings to light many of our emotional insecurities. If we are able to be honest and open throughout the process (and if our partner can do the same), we come out of the sexual experience more comfortable with ourselves and more able to deal with our natural neurotic axieties.

It is when we become closed off during sex that problems arise. Habits and pathologies from other aspects of our psyche inevitably surface in the bedroom, making it an excellent place to challenge those limiting patterns. I put together the following list of ways to spice up your love life to inspire you to break old habits and discover something new, both in yourself and in your lover.

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Tantric Spooning

Written by Philip Walter on Dec 5 at 4:25 am.

Whether it’s after making love, before going to sleep, or first thing in the morning, everybody loves to spoon … well, at least all you ladies out there – you love to spoon, right? And who doesn’t like the idea of using a few tantric sex techniques to improve quality and longevity between the sheets.

Below are a couple variations on spooning inspired by tantric traditions that involve getting in tune with your breath, then tuning your own breath in with your lover’s. These exercises are great for all sorts of things from calming down and reconnecting after a fight to amping up the anticipation factor before some rowdy tantric love-making.

The Basics

Assume the classic spooning position on a cushy surface and just breathe normally. Take a moment to feel the contact your skin makes with your lover’s. Feel your breath moving through your body in a natural rhythm.

Once you have found the rhythm of your own breath, try to match it to your lover’s, such that your exhales and inhales are timed to one another’s. Do not try to force your partner’s breath to match yours. Rather, gently bring your breath into rhythm with your lover’s, as he or she does the same. Trust each other to find the sweet spot.

Once your breathing is in sync, take five deep breaths this way. Feel every inch of contact your body makes with your lover’s and feel how your shared breathing affects the contact you have.

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