The Tale of the Scale – Weight Loss Ups and Downs

Written by Philip Walter on Dec 11 at 4:25 am in diet, itBODYnature

If you’re like me, you need accountability and you need feedback. Both are indispensable when tracking and maintaining progress … when working, driving from point A to point B, training in the gym, and especially when trying to lose weight. Sometimes we can get by with watching inches fall off, or feeling our pants get looser with time. Often loved ones, friends, or members of a weight loss group can be great motivators. But the truth is, when it comes to weight loss, nothing kicks your ass like stepping on the scale and weighing your body on a regular basis. It can be as helpful on the road to a healthy body as it can be depressing.

Just remember that as your fitness improves and your inertia shifts from couch potato to go-getter, your weight will fluctuate – as much as 4-6 pounds from one day to the next. What I try to do is watch the weight range.

By watching a range of pounds as you weigh in instead of a specific target weight, you won’t be so upset if one day you weigh four pounds more than the previous day, especially if on the whole your 4-6 pound fluctuation range is moving down the scale.

What’s more, you may want to experiment with weighing in just one day a week, the same day every week. Here it’s important to remember it takes a good two weeks for your inertia to change if your body’s not used to working out. Also, please keep in mind that healthy, sustainable weight loss only happens at 2 pounds per week max. 1 to 1.5 consistently is really quite good!

Check out some of my favorite recipes, and don’t forget to enjoy the roller coaster!

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