One Year of Brickhouse Bodymind!

Written by Philip Walter on Dec 4 at 10:21 pm in weMINDculture

one full year of has come to a close

photo courtesy of my wife, amy

One year ago yesterday I published the first ever post on I can’t say the time has flown by, nor has it dragged particularly. Seems like it’s been a year. My goal was to publish one post a week, and I am pleasantly surprised to find I actually managed to hit that goal. This is post number 53, so that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

You are now part of a community of over 1,000 unique visitors who read this site every month, and that number continues to rise, so thanks to all of you for spending time reading my ramblings and watching my videos. Without you all, it would hardly be worth it.

It has certainly been an interesting journey. One that I’ve enjoyed very much indeed. This blog was supposed to do two things: 1) contribute to the growing conversation about the integral model and integral fitness, and 2) keep me motivated and on track toward finishing my book project. The first purpose seems to be fulfilling itself as more and more people stumble upon the site, and with a realistic publication date for my book sometime in January, it looks like the second purpose too is working itself out.

Along the way, one of my readers turned me on to the work of Scott Sonnon. I found my way to the RMAX community, and I cannot thank those guys and gals enough for making me feel so welcome and for helping me take my own training to a “whole … nubba … lebel.”

In other news, we found out in September that my wife is pregnant with our first child, so that is extremely exciting!

The next year certainly looks bright, as January will mark the publication of my first book, and at least two DVD’s should follow in the summer, along with the birth of my child. I am planning a return to BrickhouseBodymindTV after the book is off my mind. It’s just too difficult to produce those segments while writing, editing, and laying out the book. Another blog is also in the works, called It’s not up yet, but I plan to use it to chronicle my experiences with self-publishing. There you will be able to track my successes and failures in the publishing world.

Anyway, I just want to take this moment to thank you all again for spending time reading my work. I encourage you all to comment or e-mail me at philip(at)brickhousebodymind(dot)com if you have any questions about content or if you have suggestions for future content.

Here’s to another great year, ya’ll!

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