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Written by Philip Walter on May 14 at 2:20 pm in weMINDculture

Okay, so a lot has been happening.  I got sick, my precious 12-year-old golden retreiver, Grace died the middle of last week, and I have been assimilating some new training techniques.  Long story short, I’m still working on the mindfulness in your workout article.  However, I have the chance to watch a few more talks on, introduced in the last blog entry, and I thought it might be fun to share a couple of my favorites with you.  This is, of course, a two-way street, so I’d love for you guys to share your favorite talks in the comments below.  And the article on bringing more mindfulness to your workouts is coming soon, so stay tuned.

Rives on the significance of four in the morning.

Robert Full on animal movement and the perfect robotic foot.

Aubrey de Grey on the approaching reality of a modern-day Methuselah.

 Please point us to your favorites and join the discussion below.

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