Total Fitness the Brickhouse Bodymind Way – In 80 Words

Written by Philip Walter on Jan 30 at 11:11 pm in iSPIRITself, itBODYnature, weMINDculture

Being a Brickhouse Bodymind

So the subtitle on this website says “be powerful, flexible, creative, and fearless.” That’s a nice, tight summary of what it means to be a brickhouse bodymind. I often consider adding “be light” to that subtitle since it refers to more than just keeping your weight at a healthy number, but even with that addition, it would still be a concise description of the things we strive for in the brickhouse bodymind program.

In contrast to said subtitle, you can read numerous long, probably at times verbose articles on this site about developing your own brickhouse bodymind, and if you buy my forthcoming book, The House That Yoga Built, you can read in great detail about the program and it’s principles.

That said, I was inspired recently to bridge the gap between lengthy prose and tight verse by drafting a description of the brickhouse bodymind and the lifestyle one lives in 100 words or less.

Here is what I came up with.

Love life. Live free of attachment. Consume foods in their natural form. Cook at home more often than not. Eat enough to sustain your activity but not so much that you carry unnecessary weight. Be proficient at manipulating your bodyweight with all four limbs, in positions familiar and awkward, upright and inverted. Learn balance – of body and mind. Smile, laugh, and dance often. Play an instrument. Play multiple sports. Read. Exchange ideas. Respect others. Put yourself out there … everywhere.


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